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Raw Footage: Muslim Brothers March Fr...
Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt
By Ali Khaled
06 Jul 2013

5 th June 2013
Muslim Brothers marched from Giza to Maspero, but the Anti-Morsi presence stopped them march on the 6th October bridge. The army arrived after Pro-Morsi demonstrators tried to go to Maspero and clashes broke out in Tahrir SQ.

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Teaser: Behind the Tamorrod campaign ...
Cairo, Egypt
By andrewbossone
28 Jun 2013

The story follows Ahmed Abu Ghalaza, an Egyptian activist from the Tamorrod, or Rebel, campaign that collected 20 million signatures in the last three months calling for early elections. His friend and mentor who organized the local Tamarrod sit-in in his neighborhood starting June 28, was shot and killed weeks earlier. And after the largest day of protests, June 30, members of the Muslim Brotherhood attacked the sit-in, killing a young girl and leading to armed clashes. Despite the conflict in his neighborhood and in the country, Ahmed believes the Egyptian people support the ouster of President Morsi, and remains hopeful that the next elections will better reflect their will.