Gustavo Aleman - Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

Assignments. Pitch your feature stories and breaking news. Store, manage and sell your stock and archival content.

Michael Biach - Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Creating a profile is entirely free, and there are no subscription fees. We do ask that you include a picture, a complete bio, upload sample media, and provide links to published works to create a fully vetted profile. Only verified contributors are searchable and available for assignment by our brand and news clientele. For more information refer to our Storytellers' page. Or better yet, just reach out directly via email or messenger. 

Assignments: Brand, NGO and News Clients.

We provide editorial and documentary visual content to our clients on an assignment basis, or via our on-demand marketplace. As such, we will do general story calls for story ideas, your latest features, or we'll target specific journalists and filmmakers based upon your location, experience, and skill sets. 

Biel Calderon - Thailand
Jeffrey Bight - Qasr al Aini, Cairo

Current Features, Archival and Stock.

We welcome your most recent video features, photo essays, and relevant breaking news. Upon approval by our production team, your media will be pitched directly to our entire client base for your type of content. We will not approve video without proper descriptions or individual photos and photo essays without full captioning (in either English, Spanish, French, Italian or Arabic). That said, we do make exceptions, and we are always happy to work with you directly to get your story finalized and ready for purchase.