Professional, in-depth video or photo stories produced to your own specifications in a timely manner, it’s ON-DEMAND NEWS™.


Email our sales team at [email protected], or call us at +961 1 442001. You explain your request and the budget to our team. Based on this information we will search our network for the best journalist.

We will ask for a detailed rundown of your production specifications, be it for video or photo. Having as much information as we can about your production standards will help us meet your needs in a timely and hassle free manner.

Once we have acquired your production specs we will log them in our system and meet the same standards for any stories you request in the future.

Once all of the necessary initial details are finalized, your request will be produced and you will have your story submitted by deadline.

Pre-Produced content

If you have a general need for interesting content immediately, or at all, simply go to “Browse Media”. There you will find extensive archives of pre-produced video and photo material from our network of journalists.

We have news related content, cultural stories, travel stories, stories related to science and technology, and much more. You can utilize our search filters to narrow your search and find the content that suits your need.

Once you have decided on the content. Create a profile for your company by clicking “Buy Media”. Then input your information and follow the steps to immediately download your desired material.

If you have requests or concerns about purchasing pre-produced material, please feel free to contact our sales team by email at [email protected], or by phone at +961 1 442001.

Vetted Journalists

We devote a large amount of our time to vetting our journalists base. We review a prospective journalist’s publishing history and technical skills; we assess a variety of work samples; we gather as much online professional information about them as possible; we conduct phone interviews, and sometimes meet them in person. We develop long-term professional working relationships in which we work closely with our journalists to ensure that all content being produced is to the standards of Transterra Media and yours. This vetting system ensures that we provide you with the best journalists available across the globe.


The cost of services depends on the specific product you are purchasing. As we are a customized service, the price will depend on each of your needs.