Blog Archive #StoryOfTheDay: The Most Photographed House in Africa is in Danger!


In Kenya, there is a bitter struggle between Chinese development investments and an American citizen eager to protect a famous house on the edge of the Kenyan savannah dedicated to preserving African heritage. The house has appeared on dozens of magazine covers around the world and now is threatened of disappearing.

Painted walls in the living room on the third floor of the house are a reminiscent of those of the Ghanian Kasena tribe.  Antonella Palmieri 

For months Alan Donovan, 70, a lifetime to turn Africa collecting art, is fighting to prevent the "African heritage house" from being demolished and give way to the new railway line that will connect the capital Nairobi to the Mombasa port in the southeast.

Our contributor, Antonella Palmieri has met Alan Donovan and tells us his story and fight to preserve his African Heritage House. 

Discover her photos collection, available for purchase here.

One of Alan's best-loved artworks is near the pool. Its name is "Mass Communication" made by the Ugandan sculptor John Och Ameny. Antonella Palmieri