Blog Technology #TTMTech Series: State of the Transterra Media Web Platform


We are glad to introduce our first #TTMTech Series post. Conceived and written by our Product Owner, Joseph Francis Marsico and his team at Netguru & Vignette Interactive, #TTMTech series aims at providing you with the latest updates and technical development available on Transterra Media platform. The first post is dedicated to the state of the Transterra Media Web Platform and focuses on our innovative and sophisticated uploader.


"Over the last year, the Transterra Media web platform has come a long way.  And while the platform still isn’t perfect — the uploader, web search, and the extended profiles allow our users to interact with Transterra Media staff in a way that is more efficient and extensive than ever before.  

To highlight just one of these core functions: we have built an uploader that starts instantly, recovers when internet connections fail, and delivers media with the right meta data already in place. This featureset is a huge accomplishment for our team and Transterra Media.  

Frankly, there isn’t a single media-intake engine deployed today on the internet that competes with the sophistication built here.

As we look forward to taking this platform to the next level with full e-commerce transactional support, I think it’s important to remember that building the right tool, the perfect software, isn’t an instant process.  

It’s a gradual, aggressive engineering process based on working hard day by day, bug by bug, to bring together function and technical capacity.  

None of our work would have been — nor will be — possible without the support we have received on the business and development sides and, of course, the patience and dedication of our contributors and publishers."


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