Blog Assignments and Archive Requests National Geographic Archive Footage Request in Spain, Brazil, and Mexico/South America

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Dear Friends, 

On behalf of National Geographic and Showtime's television series "The Years of Living Dangerously,"  we're looking for: 

- Spain - Galicia - Vigo Port. Looking for aerials of the port, and footage of fishing boats pulling up to the dock

 - Spain - Galicia - Port of A Coruña - same as above, looking for aerials of the port and footage of fishing boats

 - Spain - Galicia - the infamous "Coast of Death" - rocky cliffs on the coastline, storms, waves, dark storm clouds, etc - dramatic coastal footage

 - Brazil - Anything of of indigenous leader, Alessandra Korap, also sometimes called Alessandra Korap Munduruku or Alessandra Munduruku

 - Brazil - Any footage of violence committed by police in favelas 

 - Brazil - Any footage at Baile Funk parties in favelas

 - Brazil - Any footage showcasing poverty in favelas in Rio de Janeiro 

 - Brazil - Any footage of drug use in favelas - specifically the new street drug Loló

 - Brazil - fires in the Amazon, and other footage of Amazon rainforest deforestation, gold mining
 - Brazil - Any footage of Mayor of Itaituba - Valmir Climaco

 - Mexico/South America - any footage of female gangsters/cartel members


Licensing: TV, Feature Film, Worldwide, Perpetuity

Price per second: $35

Shoot us an email @ [email protected] if you have any fresh content that has not been previously uploaded to Transterra Media or for further questions. 


Transterra Media Team

© Jonathan Alpeyrie