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Dear Friends,

In partnership with, we're launching an AI/Computer Vision (CV) and Machine Learning (ML) based application for photo tagging, release, and project management in the new year and would love for you to check it out and let us know what you think.

Photo Indexing.
We've brought in the most popular AI/CV tagging engines to auto-tag photos. You can batch delete tags and add your own. The idea here is to make tagging (thus finding) your images as fast as possible for you and your clients.

Early next year, we'll roll out more ways to tag and classify your photos: action, apparel, object, logo/brands, celebrities, NSFW, sentiment analysis, demographics, and reverse image lookup. With every photo we tag, our Machine Learning layer learns to make the results more confident and accurate with each photo processed.

All changes to IPTC, including keywords (tags), are appended before download so that you have a clean and updated file for your clients or your archive.

Release Management.
You can upload releases and attribute them individually or in batch to photos. You can flag photos that don't have a release, and you can send talent/models an email to fill out a release form to clear the image. Eventually, the system will auto-flag faces without a release if your photo collection is specifically for a commercial client. If you've designated your collection as editorial/documentary, then the release auto-flag is turned off.

Project Management.
We've built the application's structure around projects and sub-projects that we call collections. You can create a project for anything and then determine the name of the collection: Day 1 Photo Shoot, Day 2 Photo Shoot, Behind the Scenes, Selects, etc. From there, you can add anyone (clients, editors, collaborators) to participate in an individual collection or the entire project.

Up Next.
That's what we've got up and running so far. By mid-year, we'll launch a blockchain-based smart contract structure for licensing and releases, with the ability to track photos and derivative works, flag licensing and copyright violations, and provide usage metrics to you and your clients across social media platforms.

We've built the platform for brands and publishers, but more importantly for you, the independent photographers and photojournalists everywhere in the world. We want you to have access to affordable technology that can tag photos at scale, protect your copyrights, and provides you with real-time usage data.

Over the next few weeks, we're going to open up testing to 50 photographers and photojournalists. We're offering everyone who participates in this initial round of testing free AI Indexing for up to 1000 photos. We want to use this time to stress test the platform, iron out any wrinkles, get your feedback, and make Photag the go-to solution for your image tagging and knowledge management needs.

And for all of you videographers out there, remember a photo is just a frame. Once we've perfected the model for one frame, we'll work on 25, 30, 60, and 120fps. We're looking at rolling out video indexing out by mid-year.

I hope to see you over at Sign up here. Feel free to shoot me over any questions you might have. I’d be happy to discuss and get you set up with an account.

All my best,


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