Blog Assignments and Archive Requests Tel Aviv Video Testimonials: Production and Post-Production

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Dear Friends, 

We're looking for a two-person team, producer/shooter plus an additional sound engineer for a corporate shoot in Tel Aviv. It's a customer success/testimonial film for a technology firm.

Production Length:

1-2 Days. One day shooting an interview, customer testimonial, and b-roll on-site, with a potential extra day to shoot on-premises with one of their clients.


A7sIII or FS7 style image with decent glass, simple light for the interviews, and audio equipment for the sound engineer


We also need to edit the interviews in Hebrew down to a rough cut and edit the rough assembly from client feedback until the structure of the film is approved. We'd need all rushes transferred ASAP so the client can edit the final film.



Half a day of prep time to go over the brief with the client. All pre-production will be done remotely from Paris. 



Please provide a day-rate for a self-shooting producer + audio engineer. If possible, please provide us a flat-rate for the edit. We can budget for a half-day prep + expenses (taxis, equipment). 


Application Deadline:

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact me directly with VIA EMAIL with any questions you might have. We will provide a short-list of candidates to the commissioning company on a rolling basis starting today. We'll close out this assignment by Sunday night, September 13th. PLEASE BE IN TOUCH AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.


Vetting Specifications:

Business Website. You will need to provide your business website as an additional reference.

Video Examples. Please provide us shareable links to videos that you have shot recently.

If you are unable to fulfill these requirements, we understand entirely. But if you are interested in future opportunities for both ed/doc,  brand-related, property/location, product, or food/restaurant video, photo, and VR content, please be in touch.

If short-listed, we'll provide you an NDA followed by an open contract specifically for this client. Following the legal procedures, we'll offer shooting schedules, shot lists, deliverables, and contact information of your subject matter, as well as release forms: appearance, artwork, and location.

Thank you so much!