Blog Assignments and Archive Requests Live Broadcast Solution for Media Activists, Journalists and Youth in Beirut

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Lebanese Youth and Media Activists!

You have the world's attention NOW, take control of your story! Don’t let the media alone drive the narrative. YOU are changing your history, tell YOUR STORY.

Cover the revolution from the street! Cover the cleanup without the assistance of the government! Cover the humanitarian assistance! Cover the stories of the wounded, the dead, and the survivors!

We are a UK based media-tech company with a new technology that provides anyone with a PC the ability to setup a live broadcast control room and manage live feeds from multiple journalists/broadcasters using cell phones’ front and back cameras simultaneously. Live broadcasts can be recorded for offline editing or posted live to Facebook.

We are offering the technology for free to the Lebanese media activists.

Please reach out and we can set you up, train you on the software, and you can go out and tell the story to the world.

WhatsApp me at +44 75 76 692 678.

Here’s a quick video to give you an idea of the potential.



Hardware Prerequisites:

Broadcast Control Room: PC Laptop or Desktop Windows 10X64 with integrated and enabled videocamera, microphone and loudspeakers.

Smartphones: Apple iPhone 11, 11Pro, 11 Pro Max will work with both Selfie and Rear Cameras. Apple iPhone XR, XS, XS Max models work with both Selfie and Rear Cameras provided that you have updated to the latest version iOS 13.

Mid to high range Android smartphone. Most Android smartphones will work with one camera at the time. Google Pixel2 model supports the concurrent use of both Selfie and Rear cameras. The android smartphones must run Android 7.0 or higher version.