Blog Assignments and Archive Requests Archive Footage: Tehran, Iran

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Dear Friends,

On behalf of a US production company, we’re looking for  b-roll in Tehran. 

1) Pasteur Street, Tehran (specifically, the executive offices located there)

+ Google Maps tells me the Office of the Supreme Leader is at 35.6921451,51.3953827

+ Google Maps tells me the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Iran is at 35.6892424,51.400013


2) Ministry of Security and Intelligence (MOIS) in Iran

+ Google Maps tells me the MOIS is at 35.7528616,51.4561537

Rights: Non-Exclusive, Worldwide, In Perpetuity. For use in a feature documentary.

Budget: TBD based upon footage quality.

Shoot us over a quick email and let us know what you have in general.

Thank you so much!