Blog Assignments and Archive Requests Videographers and Photographers with Food Shoot Experience Needed in Tokyo for November

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Dear Friends, 

We're reaching out to see if you'd be interested at looking at briefs for a brand client. This brand client is looking for DPs and combination photographer/videographer talent in Singapore to capture a series of cooking and food related shoots. This can range from making a specific cuisine with a local (and eating it!) to going to some markets, learning about local foods - and trying these (and or going home to cook it up!). 

If you have any strong photo or video (or both) examples in regards to food shooting that you'd like to put forth, please do share. 

All editing will be done in-house and we’d provide you a full brief before with the video and photo team before your assignments 

For us to put forward your candidacy for this shoot, we need to know the following:

1) Your availability throughout November. This can be very open-ended as we have still not locked down our shooting dates. 

2) All video shoots are in 4K. We recommend the following cameras: Canon Mark IV, Mark III or C300; Sony FS7, A7sii or A7siii; Panasonic GH4 or GH5; Nikon D5, Z6/7 or D750/900/810/850.  



Photographer or Videographer.

You can apply as either a photographer or videographer (or to shoot both photo and video). 


Video and Photo Examples. 

Please provide us shareable links to ed/doc, commercial, or lifestyle videos that you have shot recently. If you have food shoots even better! 


Licensing Rights. 

All rights signed over to brand client in perpetuity.



Let us know what camera, lenses and audio setup (video only) you have in place. Remember if you are applying for video you’ll need to shoot 4K and have at minimum a shotgun mic and 2 wireless lavs. 


Kill Fees. 

50% within 24 hours. 25% within 48 hours. 


Deadline for Submission.

EOD November 10— the sooner the better. No need to send a full estimate, just let us know if you are available and if you’ve got any quick example videos you can point us to on your website. 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please be in touch with me directly VIA EMAIL with any questions you might have. We will provide a short-list of candidates to our client on a rolling basis starting today. 

If you are unable to fulfill these scheduling requirements, we understand entirely. But if you are interested in future opportunities for both ed/doc publisher or brand-related photo and video content, please be in touch. 

If short-listed, we will provide you an NDA followed by an open contract specifically for this client. Following the legal procedures, we will work with you to go over the brief, shooting schedules, shot list, deliverables, and contact information of your subject matter, as well as release forms: appearance, artwork, and location. 

Thank you so much! 



Transterra Media Team 



©Biel Calderon