Blog Assignments and Archive Requests Yazidi Genocide Footage

Yazidis in turkey

Dear Friends, 

A documentary filmmmaker is looking for Yazidi footage for a film he's putting togehter on the Yazidi genocide. 

Currently, this is the top-level archive we have on Transterra Media. If you have any related material please go ahead and upload. 


1- 196 Yazidi Prisoners Released by Islamic State Group in Iraq( 15‘36“)

A series of interviews with Yazidi prisoners released by ISIS last weekend after a ransom was paid, raised through contributions. The prisoners were mostly old and sick. They said the conditions in ISIS’s prisons are appalling and that ISIS is still holding thousands of elderly, women, and children.


2- Yazidi Refugees Risk Death to get to Europe(8’44”)

Some Yazidis attempt illegal immigration to Europe by sea despite the serious risk. Delvine Khalil drowned on the journey, Khelo Rafo, a family man who had a good job, is willing to risk it all to get to Europe


3- 'Islamic State' Releases Yazidi Prisoners in Iraq(1’23”)

A series of seven interviews with Yazidi prisoners who were released by ISIS last weekend after a ransom was paid, raised through contributions. The prisoners were mostly old and sick, one said, “They took away children, females, and old men. We do not know where they are [now]”


4- ISIS Destroys Yazidi Shrine(0’08”)

Video shows an explosion, which destroys what is believed to be a Yazidi shrine in the ISIS controlled city of Mosul, Iraq.


5- ISIS Demolishes 800-Year-Old Yazidi Temple(3’16”)

ISIS fighters demolished a 800 year-old Yazidi temple in the village of Babira, Nineveh Valley. Two temple caretakers lament their destroyed temple.


6- Yazidi Tailoring for Women(11’39”)

A Yazidi tailor has established a sewing workshop for traditional handmade clothes for Yazidi women


7- Art Helps Yazidi Refugee Children Overcome Their Trauma(6’21”)

Artists volunteer to help Yazidi children overcome trauma in a makeshift refugee camp in Dohuk, Iraqi-Kurdistan.


8- The Abandoned Yazidi Town of Al-Shikhan(6’21”)

A Yazidi man survived execution by ISIS. He received three gunshot wounds but managed to walk 20 miles to safety.


9- Residents of Zakho Volunteer to Feed the Yazidi Refugees(12’00”)

Kurdish residents of Zakho, a Kurdish town in the Dohuk province on the Iraqi-Syrian border, are distributing food to Yazidi refugees from Sinjar.


10- Yazidi Refugees Walk To Syrian Border(6’13”)

After walking through the mountains for five days, Yazidi refugees reach the Syrian border today, August 12, 2014


11- Yazidi Farmers in Kurdistan Work the Land Despite ISIS Threat(8’38”)

A refugee Yazidi farmer cultivates his rented land in the Kurdish region, despite nearby fighting between ISIS and Peshmerga. He is helping out his fellow Yazidi refugees by hiring them to work on his land


12- ISIS Demolishes 800-Year-Old Yazidi Temple(3’46”)

ISIS fighters demolished, Sheikh Hassan temple, an 800 year-old Yazidi temple in the Iraqi village of Babila. The extremist group destroyed the neighboring temple known as Sheikh Makhfi as well.


13- Yazidi Man Survives ISIS Massacre in Sinjar(12’08”)

Barzan Barjas, is a 28 years old citizen of Tel Banat village in Sinjar who escaped ISIS after being captured and witnessing the massacre of his fellow Yazidis.


14- Yazidi Hero's Funeral

Hundreds of Yazidis attended the funeral of Kheri Murad Sheikh Khedr, a hero amongst the Yazidis who was killed fighting against ISIS. As a sign of honor he was the buried in the Lalesh Temple in Nineveh.


15- Yazidi Author Burns his Books in Protest(10’51)

Yazidi author and Chairman of the Union Kurdish Writers, Bir Kheder Suleiman, burns his books as an act of solidarity with the thousands of Yazidis slaughtered by the Islamic State.


16- Yazidi Children Die in Accidental Tent Fire(6’17”)

To escape ISIS Yazidi refugee Saido took his family from Sinjar to safety in Iraqi Kurdistan. In their new home, in the refugee camp, his children's tent caught on fire and three of them were burned to death.


17- Yazidi Refugee Women Sell Hand-Made Bread Ovens(9”37”)

Yazidi refugee women hand made clay ovens for baking bread and sell them to other refugees.


18- Miracle Yazidi Baby "Ravine"(2’59”)

2 month old Ravine was born on the Sinjar Mountains as her Yazidi parents fled from ISIS fighters. The family chose to name her 'Ravine' which is Kurdish for 'escape'.


19- Sinjar Orphans Find Shelter in Yazidi Temple(5’31”)

Seven orphans escaped death due to a phone call from their parents right before their death asking them to escape immediately from Sinjar.


20- Yazidis Escape Sinjar in Huge Numbers(15’43”)

Yazidi refugees walked through the Sinjar mountains for five days before reaching the Kurdish controlled town of al-Hasaka in Syria. Here they were escorted safely back into Iraqi Kurdistan.


21- The denied yazidi festival - trailer-hd(4’32”)  no description - intake


22- Yazidi Refugee Barbershop(9’03”) web link corrupted

Three Yazidi barbers have opened a barbershop in a refugee camp in Bichkhabur, Dohuk. Despite their living conditions refugees are keen to look good, and the barbershop receives more than 30 customers a day.


23- Trapped on Mount Sinjar(19’00”)

Twenty-nine-year-old Safin managed to sneak into the Sinjar mountain in late September in hopes of finding his childhood friend. What he found instead was thousands of Yazidis still trapped on the mountains.