Blog Insider In Memory of Transterra Media's Chief Content Officer: Ray Homer

Wall for ray

Our former Chief Content Officer, Ray Homer, died this past month. He was 71. Ray died of complications related to a brain tumor in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Ray worked with us at Transterra Media in Beirut and London from 2014 - 2016. It was an honor and a privilege to work with Ray. He was as a much of an “old school journalist” as they get. He stopped smoking years ago, but he evoked that “newsroom of yore” attitude and professionalism that only years of experience exude. 

Ray started his international journalist career covering the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Since he was in the neighborhood, he was soon dispatched to Tehran to cover the Iranian US hostage crisis. Ray was the Baghdad Bureau Chief for ABC News from 2003 - 2009 during the Iraq War. 

And then there was the time with Geraldo Riviera in Beirut during the Civil War crossing the Green Line... 

Ray received six Emmys over the course of a career covering, among many other stories, the Iraq War, the BP Oil spill, Rodney King, Tiananmen Square, the Tokyo Subway gas attack, the Lebanese Civil War, the US invasion in Somalia, the Peoples Revolution in the Philippines, the Sri Lankan Civil War, Mother Theresa and the Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.