Blog Assignments and Archive Requests CNN Archive Footage Request: Invasion of Kuwait on 2-4 August 1990; Occupation of Kuwait by Iraqi Forces from August 1990 - March 1991

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Dear Friends, 

We're looking for footage from Kuwait from the Invasion of Kuwait on 2-4 August 1990 by Iraqi forces and the ensuing ccupation of Kuwait by Iraqi Forces from August 1990 - March 1991.

This footage request will be used in a six part series about the Bush family for CNN. The  series will seek to tell the story of how the personalities and convictions of one of America’s most significant political families have shaped the politics of a nation and the world.  The series will examine how three generations of the Bush family have impacted on the evolution of the Republican party from the early 1960s to the election of Donald Trump.  As befitting a CNN series, we will take a journalistically rigorous and measured approach to the subject. It will be driven by interviews with leading historians, politicians, journalists, key eyewitnesses and members of the family. Their contributions will then be brought to life through telling and poignant archive, and impressionistic specially shot sequences.

I’m looking for archive footage of the invasion of Kuwait by Iraqi forces on 2-4 August 1990 and also of footage of the occupation of Kuwait by the Iraqis from August – March 1991.  The footage needs to be from the Kuwaiti point of view if possible please.  If there is other footage, from any point of view of Operation Desert Storm – the liberation of Kuwait by coalition forces – we would be interested in that too.

Please feel free to contact [email protected] for further information or just go ahead and upload your footage for assesement directly on your profile. 


Transterra Media Team