Blog Assignments and Archive Requests Airbnb "Concert" Photo Shoots in San Francisco

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Dear Friends,

Starting in early August, we are producing half-day (2-3 hours) photo shoots for Airbnb in San Francisco to support their Concerts product.

Check out these examples of previous Airbnb Concerts photo shoots:

Sounds Like London
Private Show in Chelsea Members Club
Soul Music on Venice Beach

The price is $400 per 2-3 hour shoot.

For us to put forward your candidacy for this series of shoots, we need to know the following:

1) Your availability to shoot throughout the summer.

2) Agree to provide all deliverables, including photos and releases no later than one day after the shoot? All supporting documentation is processed within 24 hours after the shoot - no exceptions.

3) Rough deliverables are 150 - 300 photos — we’ll provide a full brief and production guidelines. All photo shoots are conducted using natural light. There is no post-production: no retouching, balance adjustment or cropping to be done. We will coordinate all of the pre-production and there is no pitching involved, talent wrangling, etc.

4) Photo technical specifications: Mix of both vertical and horizontal outputted at both RAW +JPEG.


Business Website. You will need to provide your business website as an additional reference.

Low light Concert/Music/Event Links. Please reference a section of your business website or provide us a shareable link, e.g. Google Drive, to a selection of your low-light shoots.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please be in touch with me directly with any questions you might have. We will provide a short-list of candidates on a rolling basis starting today, July 26th, 2018.

Shoot us over your business website, links to your concert or low-light shoots and your availability this summer directly to me at [email protected].


Food. If you specialize in food or have some food shooting experience, please provide us with examples either via your website or share some links.

Portrait. If you have a strong background in portraiture, there are upcoming mixed photo and video shoots involving a photo portraiture and video interview of select Airbnb Experience hosts. There is a different budget for these shoots. Feel free to reach out if you would like to learn more.

Video. If you also shoot video, there are opportunities for video crews (DP + Sound Engineer) capable of shooting on a C300, FS7 and on up with a full audio package. Expected deliverables: 4K slo-mo with no post-production. There is a different budget for video. Reach out if you would like to learn more.

If you are unable to fulfill these scheduling requirements, we understand entirely. But if you are interested in future opportunities for ed/doc or brand-related photo and video content assignments, please let us know.

If short-listed, we'll provide you an NDA followed by an open contract specifically for Airbnb.

Following the legal procedures, we'll provide shooting schedules, shot list, deliverables, and contact information of your subject matter, as well as release forms: appearance, artwork, and location.

Thank you so much!