Blog Technology New Feature: Assignment Management App 2.0

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At long last, we're replacing our client-side assignment tool using ( for our brand new Assignment Management Feature 2.0 directly from our platform. Now any registered buyer or client can request and manage Assignments, Call for Stories or Archive and Stock Requests from their logged-in profile.

Clients can set budget, revisions, deadline and all aspects of a story production down to the shot list and interview questions. Once a client's request is approved, we'll match a selection of journalists, filmmakers, and photographers, or production support staff to fulfill the requirements of the job. When contributors are interested in the request, you can view their full profiles and choose the best personnel and send them "in production."

All rushes, revisions, behind the scenes footage or photos, are uploaded to the platform by the assigned journalists or filmmakers. Clients can approve, decline and batch download media items or collections up to 20GB at a time.

All media are uploaded privately to your team's hub. Any member of your team can view or download any media.

In the coming months, we'll be working on the messaging features of Assignment Management tools. And by the end of the summer, we should have full integration with our AI/deep learning tools built on AWS Video Rekognition technology to allow clients to license their outtakes directly through the platform.

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