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Queued up

Hey guys!

I know we've experienced our fair share of power outages, battery depletion and all around electricity fails in the field. Back in our old headquarters in Beirut (2011 - 2016), we used to have eight truck batteries stacked on our office balcony as a backup "generator." We had power outages every day for three hours, sometimes more -- always fun when you've got to process vast gigabytes of video.

Electricity issues aside, we've had some syncing problems with the platform over the past few months, and I think we can honestly say that we've solved (fingers crossed) those issues.

If you've been waiting for us to process your video or photos and you keep seeing "Waiting for TTM Review" on your media items, we apologize profusely.

Now that we've gotten this bug behind us we can get on to selling some media.

Thanks for your patience,

Transterra Media Team 

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