Blog Archive Why Millions of Refugees are Heading to Europe - Part Two

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This is the second part of our TTM Story Collection on the ongoing refugee crisis in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Four years after the start of the Arab Spring, the shockwaves the movement has sent through the entire Middle East have arrived in Europe. Millions of refugees are trying to escape war, conflict and poverty. Many European governments struggle to find political solutions to the crisis; in many places, administrations are overburdened and radical anti-immigration groups are gaining support.

But then why are refugees heading to Europe? Why are they risking their lives only to be stoped by European border police? Why don’t they want to stay in the camps set up for them by the international community? Wouldn’t it be better for them to stay close to their home countries? Many Europeans ask themselves such questions.


Over the past years, contributors at Transterra Media have been following the refugee crisis in many countries and from many different perspectives - right from the early stages. This is a collection of stories about people who fled their home and who struggle to survive on a daily basis. To many of them, risking the journey to Europe does seem better than a life in poverty, a life in a camp, a life without family.

TTM contributors have followed the trail of people to Turkey, Lebanon, Djibouti, Iraq and many other places. Interviewed prostitutes, orphans and devoted Christians who all had to tell their unique story about war, poverty and what keeps them going every single day. 

All of this media is available for licensing, please contact [email protected] or call +961 1 660 426.


Refugees in Morocco - Besieging the Fortress Europe at the Fence of Melilla

[footage by TTM contributor Bruno Rocchi]


Refugees in Iraq – The Yezidi minority is still under threat from the Islamic State

[footage by TTM contributor Balint Szlanko]


Refugees in Syria – Necessary or dirty business? People smugglers from Turkey

[footage by TTM contributor Khwshman Qado]


Refugees in Lebanon – Forced into Prostitution

[footage by TTM contributor Ash Gallagher]