Blog Insider Exclusive: Never-before-seen video from 2013 Syria chemical attacks

Ghouta header

August 21st marks the second anniversary of the sarin gas attack on the Damascus suburbs of Eastern and Western Ghouta. Hundreds of people died and thousands showed the effects of neurotoxic exposure. The videos emerging from Ghouta contained some of the most horrifying images of the conflict in Syria.

Transterra Media has obtained never before seen video of the aftermath of the attack as medical workers struggled to treat the victims and the mass burials of those killed. A total of three hours of video footage, including video interviews recorded a year later with survivors of the attacks, are available for sale at Transterra Media. 

This is a highlight reel of more than 3 hours of footage from the chemical attack on Eastern Ghouta. Please contact the Transterra Media Sales Desk ([email protected], +961 1 660 426) for further information and purchase options.


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