Blog Published TTM Footage in Emmy Award Winning Documentary

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Last year, Transterra Media had the pleasure of working with HBO Showtime on their landmark documentary “Years of Living Dangerously" ( The documentary explores the contemporary effects of climate change around the around the world, from droughts and floods, to climate wars. The series was hosted by a number of celebrities from the film and news industries, including Arnold Shwarzenegger and Thomas Friedman.

TTM contributed footage of the unrest in Syria and Egypt to the documentary, providing supporting content for Thomas Friedman’s exploration of the effects of climate change on the precipitation of the Arab Spring. Friedman’s contribution shed light on the largely unexplored issue of climate change in the lead up to the 2011 uprisings and encouraged many to reconsider and broaden their understanding of the events currently engulfing the region.

The importance and success of the documentary was highlighted at the 2014 Emmy Awards when the doc was selected as the winner in the Outstanding Non-Fiction category. This news was yet another landmark in TTM’s growing list of achievements as a provider of cutting edge content from the most difficult corners of the world. 

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