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  From Grey to Black: Four Years of War in Syria


Islamic rebel fighters pose for portrait inside the opulent governor's palace in the provincial capital of Al Raqqa. April 2013, Syria.

As the fourth anniversary of the outbreak of the Syrian Civil War looms, it becomes increasingly difficult to overstate the magnitude of the human catastrophe that has unfolded since March 15, 2011, the day typically cited as the beginning of a conflict that has now how claimed in excess of 220,000 deaths (UN) and driven more than 3.8m Syrians into Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt (UNHCR). Factoring in those estimated to have been internally displaced, nearly half the country’s entire population had been uprooted by August 2014 alone (UN). 

Today, over a million Syrians have crossed the borders into Lebanon.

It is estimated that double this number have not yet registered and living in terrible conditions.

To shed light upon the scale of the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe in decades, Transterra Media is using the occasion to emphasize the courage and sheer audacity of the Syrian men and women that have been risking their lives to share their countrymen’s plight with the world over the past four years. Whether in photographs and video from the besieged heart of Homs; the desperate living conditions of rebel-held suburbs of Damascus; the mass exodus of Assyrian Christians into Kurdistan; or footage from ISIS-controlled areas detailing the Islamic State’s propaganda wing, educational initiatives and incarceration policies, TTM’s raw, heartrending and rare access to the Syrian Civil War gives the outside world an intimate glimpse into the true, human dimensions of the conflict.

Women are seen at a public demonstration where people gathered to remember and honor those who lost their lives

during the battle where rebels took control of the provincial capital of Al Raqqa. April 2013, Syria.

As destructive, unpredictable and painful as the war has been, the battle lines are still shifting every day. One day Kobane is taken by ISIS; the next it’s liberated by Kurdish forces. And while the Syrian war draws in more and more foreign powers in the sky, the presence of international media on the ground has all but dwindled to none. Hence the enormous importance of bold, thoughtful and inquisitive contributors actually in Syria – a critical strength of TTM since 2011. 

Qushtapa Syrian Refugee camp, Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan: a Syrian refugee, Sana, plays the clown in a performance for children in the camp. Roughly six hundred children attended each performance. 

In light of the 4th anniversary of the Syrian Crisis, TTM has created a special archive for our database of stories from Syria since the outbreak of hostilities in 2011. 

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