You always retain the full copyright to your video and photos.

Gustavo Aleman - Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

We understand to what lengths you’ve gone to produce your media. That’s why you retain full copyright on all your video and photos. The Transterra Media marketplace is a way to showcase and sell your content non-exclusively.

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Non-Exclusive Licensing.

The standard license that we provide our customers is a non-exclusive, multi-use, multi-platform, worldwide, in perpetuity license.  Rest assured,  you can always change the licensing structure to meet your needs.



Unless you are on an assignment where the customer demands exclusivity for all content produced during the shoot, we always license your media non-exclusively.  Even for commissions, we work with the customer to license only the final edit so that you retain the rights to the other material you shot.


Sample Media.

Think of your profile as your online CV or resume.  And in order to build out your portfolio of work on Transterra Media, we encourage you to upload or provide open links to your published works. If you do not hold the copyright to your media then mark it “Not for Sale — Sample Media” when uploading.

Geographic Exclusions.

Should you have any licensing changes that you need, such as geographic exclusions - “don’t sell to my personal clients in France - just indicate this on your collection or individual media.


Duration or Time Limits.

If you want all of your rights cleared by September, then change the time duration of your license. For example, if you are submitting your work to film festivals or will release your documentary months from now, most publishers will accept a short duration license, e.g. 24 hours to one month, depending on the story and the intended use.



We’ll use the footage or photos you upload to market you and your work. If your work is being used off of this website we will always ask your permission. If you do not want your media used for whatever reason, just mark it as “Not for Sale — Sample Media”.

Michael Biach - Thailand