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Commission custom news content from journalists, videographers and filmmakers in 123 countries.

Gustavo Aleman - Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

Find and license video and photos from a worldwide network of contributors. Everything from ready-to-broadcast, feature stories to news packages, archival footage, and photography. Archival research, both on our site and throughout our network, is completely free.

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We offer an open online media marketplace containing an extensive database of pre-produced, in-depth video and photo stories. Our website content is updated daily, with relevant breaking news and human interest stories unfolding as the news happens.


Curated from five years of documentary feature and breaking news footage, our archive has 70,000+ rights-cleared, topical issue and current affairs stories from around the world and growing every day. If you can’t find it on our site or don’t have the time, let our team of in-house archivists and visual researchers comb our site and the globe for the content you need.


All content is ready to purchase simply by creating a company hub (profile) and downloading your desired content. Elaborating on Transterra Media’s concept of tailor-made content, any pre-produced content on our website can be amended, updated, or expanded upon to meet your needs.