Thousands of Bahraini people participate in funeral of Pro-Democracy Detainee

16 more in collection THOUSANDS OF BAHRAINIS PARTICIPATE IN FUNERAL OF PRO-DEMOCRACY DETAINEE- Beirut Editor's Picks, 2 October, 2012


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Thousands of Bahraini people participated today in the funeral of the youth Mohammed Ali Mushaima (23 years old) at Aldaih village - west of the capital Manama. Mushaima passed away in custody after neglecting his deteriorated medical condition by the prison administration.

Mohammed was arrested from the hospital by the army last year while he was receiving his treatment of sickle cell disease. He was sentenced for 7 years. He complained from a sickle cell disease crisis few day ago and the prison administration neglected his complains. He was shifted to Salmaniya medical compels thence and died there Tuesday morning.

The thousands of mourners that attended the funeral, shouted angrily against the King Hamad and the royal family condemning them for the death of the detained protester.

This new crime is only 3 days after killing a child martyr at Saddad village -western south of the capital Manama- by attacking him through shotgun from a very close distance. These human rights violations came only few days after the Geneva session where the Bahraini regime accepted the international community recommendations.

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