4 more in collection TUNISIA – A NEW VICTIM OF TORTURE

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Tension, protests and confrontation with police in Jerrisa, northwest of Tunisia after the funeral of ABDERAOUF AL KHAMASSI.
Abderaouf was a 30 year old man. He was arrested on August 28th 2012 in Tunis in a larceny affair.
4 policemen charged of doing the investigation beat and tortured him until he lost consciousness. He was taken to the Hospital Charles Nicolas in Tunis where he died.
Abdreaouf Khammasi is not the only victim of police brutality after the revolution: last week
The human rights activist Radhia Nasraoui announced in an interview that a lady was arrested and then violated by 3 policemen while they were working; the ministry of interior confirms this fact and promises to try the perpetrators in a court of law.

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