Visiting Graves During Eid


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21 August 2012
Eid Al Fitr is supposed to be one of the happiest occasions of the year marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan. While families usually gather for joyful celebrations, this year in Bahrain, people share condolences instead of holiday greetings. With the death of 16 year old Hussam Al Haddaq, who was allegedly shot and beaten by Bahraini security forces, a 3 day period of mourning was declared in place of the usual Eid celebrations. Though the people of Bahrain face increasing human rights abuses, violence, and suppression by security forces, they continue to demonstrate, demanding freedom, dignity and adherence to the constitution.

Children are suffering the consequences of resistance as well, with approximately 90 children, mostly between 15 and 17 years of age, arrested and detained in Bahraini prisons; some families do not know whereabout of their child. Bahrainis protest mistreatment of children demanding protection of their basic human rights and a stop to the brutal treatment.

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