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Created by DooG Reporter

Switzerland 29 Jan 2021

Corona Virus Covid 19

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André is a 46 years-old general manager. He deals with coffee and he is in the corporate environment since almost 15 years; combining skills and passion for the product, he won the “Swiss Barista Championship” in 2017 and he competed for the World title in Seoul in the same year. All these goals gave him a lot of visibility and the possibility to decide who work for. At the end of March 2020 he should have moved with the whole family from Switzerland to Australia because he accepted a new job position, but due to the Covid-19 restrictions, everything has been postponed. Alas they where all ready to move: the rent of the house in Berna had been ended, all their belongings had been packed and sent to Melbourne, kids had been cancelled from school. In conclusion, everything was ready to go and now everything is stuck with any date at the horizon. André is father of a 7 and 2 years old kids who actually are not with him. Due to a sudden mourning in her family, the wife and the kids needed to go back in Japan during the summer and they have been stuck too. This umpteenth unexpected event has further complicated the already difficult situation. After various movement from a temporary house to another, André now is living in Basel and he has seeing his family since the first week of July just from his laptop. Due to the different time zone, every morning he wakes up at 2 a.m. and, in order to not lose the year in school, he has become his daughter’s teachers. Every morning he personally take care of her teaching rigorously in German language. After the home schooling session, around 5:30 a.m. it will start from remote his daily job with Australia; the Italian company who is employed for, it gave him the possibility to work from home while he is waiting for to move there. In the mean time he is keep on doing his personal studies about coffee; in collaboration with the Zurich University of Applied Science, who gives him the access to its laboratory, they have just published an important study about coffee on in the pages of the famous magazine Nature-Research. His daily job routine goes on with afternoons phonically and it end with the management of the company social media, who has entered in the meantime in the new day. To keep on having a bit of mental and physical balance, during all these months André is trying to daily go out for a walk in the little spare time and also he is attending a weekly session of breathy meditation. It helps him to reduce the stress and to put aside the frustration of the situation. It is not easy to remain mentally stable, especially for a subject that already went through a tough time of his life, when has been forced to face and deal with himself. In this situation dictated by the pandemic, the balance of the couple is also seriously undermined: the prolonged distance, the different time zone, the physical and emotional support that is sometimes lacking, the fear of contracting the virus and the uncertainty of the leaving time. All these difficulties are strongly challenging him. While we are looking at the Rhine river, André reminds me when he was a little boy and wanted to leave Basel to go and discover the world; get on a boat and swept away by the current, following the course of the river to north and discover what was there. Today, due to Covid-19, he is paradoxically stuck again in that city he once left behind and he is waiting to leave to the other side of the world to hug his children again.

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