Bahrain - Press Conference 25 July 2012


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Manama, Bahrain
The Bahraini opposition held a press conference on Thursday, July 25, 2012, to launch a campaign called "Khafafish El Zalam," demanding that Bahraini authorities stop raiding homes, stressing adherence to popular demand for freedom and democracy, rejecting all forms of violence, and demanding that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and the international community assume responsibility in preventing arrests and searches without a court order.

Mr. Khalil Marzouq, political consultant for the Secretary General of Al Wefaq, declared during the press conference that over $10 million worth of property has been stolen and over 270 homes raided during June and July, 2012. Marzouq also spoke about the horrific crimes committed by the Bahraini government. He reviewed footage from the Bassiouni reports depicting security forces breaking into houses, shouting verbal abuses, smashing doors, and not allowing women the chance to cover up.

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