Manama Protests 2


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Manama, Bahrain

Protests against the Bahraini monarchy, which started in February last year, continue with marches throughout the country. Demonstrators are calling for democracy and initiating an article in the constitution which states that the people are the ruling entity and encourages the respect of international treaties, giving Bahrain the freedom of speech and to protest without violent backlash.

Al Wefaq National Islamist Society confirmed in their statement that they are monitoring violations against state employees in various fields since March 15th, 2011. Employees are discriminated against in their work environments and large numbers are forced to sign disciplinary sanctions; many are required to pay bills as punishment which is contrary to work agreement #111.

Al Wefaq blames the Civil, Political and Disciplinary Service Bureau for all violations mentioned in the investigative reports. Al Wefaq stated that the lack of punishment for breaking the rules led to the continuing of violations of employees' rights.

Al Wefaq renewed their request of immediate release of Mr. Mohamed El Ziany, a Salafist, who was imprisoned for a week for expressing his opinion about the political situation.

Al Wefaq also stated their concern for what would happen to the prisoner as the government uses prison as a leveraging tool toward the opposition. They also stressed that arrests for politecal reasons are causing more aggravation and are pushing the country away from reaching any chance for a political resolution, saying that violence cannot stop the people's demands for democracy and will only complicate the issue.

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