The Brick Workers in Helwan


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The brick workers in the Helwan factories , are working in hazardous health conditions without social security or health care, complain of respiratory diseases, bone and eyes problems, and most of them die before thirty years of age. A large proportion of them are children between the ten and fifteen.


The barrel fell over him and he died, we took him out and buried him. May he rest in


My name is Reda Abdel Aziz Mohammad, the general secretary of the Trade Union of
Brick Factories. This is a pile of clay, we bring it from the mountains. We bring it here
and put in it sacks and it has to be watered very well at first with this hose to make it
softer so that the machines can turn it into bricks later. All these are electric machines,
We put the clay in that box and the grinder softens the clay and clears it from any
stones in it. The mechanic is the one who is responsible for these machines. The
probability of a mechanic getting injured is 70% as he has to climb on these machines
while they’re working and see if they’re working properly and he has no insurance. This
is the mixer.


We wish the children were at school instead of working here but it’s their hard
conditions that force them to work here, they’re prone to a lot of dangers while they’re
working here. Many kids died here because of lack of security in the place.


The voltage here is really high about 80 volts and it’s very dangerous for the worker here.

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