Nubians Demonstrate infront of the Ministry of Agriculture


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08 Jul 2012

Egypt Nubians

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Nubians demonstrate in front of the Ministry of Agriculture to protest the statement of auctioning off land in the Nubia region (around Aswan, Upper Egypt) and ask for the return to their native home land.
"You don't have the right to sell what is not yours; the land of Nubia belongs to its people." My name is Khaled Salah and I work as a tour guide. We have a very big problem that has existed for over a 100 years. Gamal Abdel Nasser forced us to leave our homes and migrate to worse conditions to build the High dam; although we don't have any problem with the building of the High dam since it will benefit our country but we were promised to return to our lands once the water level stabilizes and we never returned. Now, the minister of agriculture decides to sell the lands in a public auction. It is our land and we do not agree to its selling because we want to return to our home land. This decision has been cancelled because of our demonstration now but the question is why issue such a statement in the first place and then cancel it?
Woman: Is this democracy; to lock people out and inside the ministry? There are people inside who wants to get out and if we go in, we won't be able to come out.
Man: You're outside now so you don't need to get it.
My name is Ramy Yehia and I am a writer. I have heard about the statement of the ministry of agriculture to start a public auction to sell the lands of Nubia. At first, Mohamed Morsy, our new president, called us the Nubian colony or community; and now, all of a sudden, he realized that Nubians are actually Egyptians and that their lands are in Egypt so he thought it was his right to sell them and that is why we are here to today to deliver him and his government a message that Nubia is not for sale. Nubia is a heritage and a culture and they have made a lot of sacrifices for Egypt even before his party (Muslim brotherhood Party) was even founded. Nubia is a culture and civilization that is more ancient than his ideas. We also would like to say to the people who will be participating in the auction trying to buy the lands that they will be conned because this land is not owned by those trying to sell it. They will be buying lands that they have no right to own. It is over our dead bodies that they can own our lands. No more silence and no more agreements. We've been given as many false promises as the days we've been away from our lands and now they are trying to sell our lands in a public auction. No more promises. If our problems are not resolved, there will be Nubian anger. Beware the levelheaded when he is angry (Arabic proverb). We have been quite for more than 50 years and if we end their silence, things will become ugly. Enough is enough.
I know personally each and every official of the 88 members of the previous council. After the revolution, there are people like Hassan ElBrens and Salafist leaders who have assured me that we will get our rights. The question is when? We've been suffering since 1964 till now. When will they resolve our problem? It is a very simple problem that can be resolved by a decree issued by the president. I would like to say to Mohamed Morsy that now that we are living in New Egypt and working on the development of Sinai and the southern valley; Nubia will bring a lot of riches having its people back to their lands and we will be like the main gate for Egypt enhancing the relations with the Nile Basin countries. Nile Basin countries and Nubia share the same culture and traditions and we will be creating commercial exchange, secure the southern borders and develop industry, agriculture and tourism and thus riches will prevail all over Egypt not just for Nubians. In exchange of all that, we are only asking to return to our home lands so as to maintain our heritage, traditions and Nubian identity.
"100 years of promises "

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