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21 Jun 2012

Pollution Nile Fishermen

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The delta in Egypt used to be a perfect location for fishing before it became the main destination for the country's sewage. The polluted waters threaten both the fisherman's wallet and his health.
I want to speak to some official about what's happening and know why the fish is dying. Children are getting sick from the sewage and bilharzias.
We are all sick with bilharzias. We can even see the bilharzias worms in the water while washing the dishes. We can't find any fish to catch. Have sympathy with us. We are all infected with bilharzias and many other diseases as well as our children. Please listen to our cause. We have filed many complains to officials and we didn't get any answer. The sewage of Giza governate is filling the Nile waters and it has killed all the fisheries in the Rosetta branch.
My children and I have become homeless. I can't afford buying them food since the fisheries has been destroyed by the sewage passing through our waters. It has ruined our lives. We need some official to look into it and come see the ruins for himself. All the fish in the water has died and now we can't do anything. We should try to earn a living somewhere else. Take a look at all the dead fish; they're all dying like this. This water is not only harming the fish but humans as well; even the cows do not want to drink from it. Here, as you can see, there's a bilharzias on my hand and all over our bodies. We want some official to investigate this. It harming us humans and that’s all because of the sewage in our waters.
I'm 73 years old. I'm very upset about this situation because most of the fish is dead or dying and people don't want to buy it and it's all because of the sewage in the waters. I have sent my son to Cairo so he can work to take care of his elderly mother. I'm 73 years old and I've never seen something like that. All the boats are abandoned; no one is fishing anymore because if they catch any fish it's either dead or smells very bad and the people don't buy it. People don't want to eat any fish from Rosetta branch because it's not clean anymore; even if you catch that fish far from Rosetta branch. The sewage has destroyed our lives; we can't earn our livings and there's no other job that we can do. We've always been fishermen, and now we can't buy food or even wash our clothes because there is no access to clean water. The clay in the ground is now more clean that the Nile water. We can't do any other job. Sons of fishermen now find themselves owning boats that they can't use.
There is no fish at all; they are all dead. An engineer has filed a case against me and my brother accusing us of pollution the water and I have a fine of 1500 pounds to pay. We are all hungry and our children as well. You can see what we're dressed like. We just need some official to stop the sewage spreading our water. What can people do? Beg? Here are our nets that have been lying there for two days and still no fish at all. Fisherman can't work as farmers. What can they do? Some people have 11 children. How can they feed them? And still they file case against us accusing 'us' of polluting the water. I'm 51 years old and I didn't get married yet. I can't afford and I'm helping my brother who has 11 children and most of them are girls. We just want the officials to stop sewage spreading otherwise they can get us some other job to earn our livings from and we will be giving up our licenses as fishermen. Moreover, cultivation is also affected since farmers use Nile water and it's killing their plants.
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Sewage is also affecting the boats. Erosion is affecting the boats and steel so it definitely would affect us, human beings. The water if filled with dead fish floating and worms. We can't buy medicines to cure ourselves from the different diseases attacking our bodies. We ask for the sympathy of officials. Sewage has killed the fisheries. My job is to be in the water to catch fish and all I find is worms; my body is suffering from the worms and the fish is dead. I can't even cure my eyes; they're red and I go to doctors seeking for help. Houses are filled with families of 20-30 members and none of them can eat because of the existence of sewage in our water. Women are washing the dishes in the polluted water so it's reaching every house.
We're about to start begging. 20 families can't afford their living now. 3-4 million fishermen in Rosetta branch are affected.
We want officials to look into this matter and have sympathy with us. Look at the dead fish that suffocated from the sewage; the sewage that is coming from Giza so as not to pass through Cairo. The fisheries are dead and 3-4 million people depend mainly on the fish as a trade to earn their living and they don't own any properties or lands to earn a living. We're getting old and we have families to support and we are sick of borrowing money and we don't own any properties to buy for the sake of money. We all know that the government is responsible for this, yet they file cases against us accusing us of polluting the Nile and they charge us fines of the value of 1000 & 1500 pounds. The poor are the ones who pay the price; on one hand, they can't support their families and on the other hand, they are charged with these accusations and pay the fines. We're living in the era of Mubarak in which the poor gets equal rights like the rich. We're sending our girls to work while they should be staying at home.
My name is Abdel Nabi Shiha and I'm the head of fishermen of Rosetta branch. Fishermen have sick bodies because of the pollution and the fisheries are destroyed. We don't send our children to school anymore because we cannot afford it. We're living a miserable life. I ask the officials to pay attention to the situation of fishermen. Everyone is enjoying their freedom and is happy except for fishermen. Our children cry when they see the children of rich people living like that and enjoy their meals and they ask us why we can't eat. Everyone is enjoying their lives but fishermen. We're human too. Our waters are only filled with worms because of the sewage and factory waste. We ask the members of parliament whom we elected to do their jobs and help us. More than 10-15 thousand fishermen are living in misery. We call for help from all officials especially Health & environmental organizations. Should we steal to support our families? We have nothing to do.
In Rosetta branch, it's been 10-12 years that sewage has destroyed our lives and killed the fisheries. People are sending their children to work. Bilharzias have affected everybody. People go to the doctor and he tells them that they need to remove some organ of their body and we can't afford medical treatment. Help us. Families of fishermen consist of 10-12 persons. We just want to know who to complain to, which minister is responsible for this chaos. I've has this amount of fish for two days and we're suffering from bilharzias. My brothers and I will work as laborers to pay for the license. Can this amount of fish feed a whole family? Officials should see our houses not just the water, we can't live in them. The river Nile should be something sacred; it's a gift from God, now it's just filled with sewage and worms.
My two sons are fishermen and they can't afford their living. The sewage water spreading in the Nile is unacceptable. People do not like to be near me after I've been in the water because I smell like sewage and we can't eat any of the fish from that water. I get 80 pounds from the government and if

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