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Created by Transterra Egypt

21 Jun 2012

Pollution Nile Fishermen

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The delta in Egypt used to be a perfect location for fishing before it became the main destination for the country's sewage. The polluted waters threaten both the fisherman's wallet and his health.

Have mercy on the children and their fathers who are trying to support them. Sewage has ruined our lives. We are getting old and we cannot afford the costs of living. Our children have become homeless and are living on the banks of the river. We ask officials to look into the misery we're living in.
Who is responsible for this situation? Which ministry could cut off the flood of sewage into our waters? The sewage is continuously flooding to our water but it only has an effect when the water level is low and then it kills all grass and the fish. Officials talk all the time on the television and give false promises but they never act upon it but they don't talk about Rosetta branch or the fishermen, they only talk about other issues like divorce, etc.
They were talking on television about the problem of air pollution in Cairo; however, they didn't mention anything about the sewage water, water pollution, the dead fish or us being hungry. Isn't that all more important than air pollution? Some air pollution that was in Cairo had all the media attention and that's because there are rich people there; while we live surrounded by polluted water, air pollution, sewage and we can't eat. It's ironic how Egyptians feel proud to have such a blessing like the Nile; however, Rosetta branch is full of worms and the fish is dying because of factory waste and sewage. They keep talking about bilharzias and its effect and how to avoid infections while we're all day working in the Nile which is filled with these worms. I address officials to help us. The water is not clean at all.

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