"Gattaro D'aleppo" The Cat Man of Aleppo, Syria Takes Care of Stray Animals, Children and the Poor 47

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Syrian cat man: from Aleppo to her countryside Muhammad ala al-Galil owned a cat sanctuary in Aleppo before he was forced to leave the city to the western countryside. Mohammed was able to establish a new reserve for cats in the village of Kafr Naha including various cats, including 25 cat brought with him from Aleppo. Mohammed is trying to expand his work and build a hospital and a village for children and rehabilitation centers lacking villages in the western countryside of Aleppo, "Mohammed Ala Galilee," aka Alaa Medical has a unique reserve, as the reserves are often for endangered animals and large size, as for Alaa has mocked his time and money Giving the stray cats a natural "reserve" of Rafqa. Alaa was a rescue worker and a healer of people during the city of Aleppo to the intensive bombing campaign, in addition to his interest in the breeding and protection of stray cats, and his attachment to cats to establish a home is the first of its kind in Syria, Alaa knew someone who worked for a foreign newspaper, he said, helping him publish a report on his work in raising, protecting and feeding stray cats in wartime. Thanks to this report, he knew many people who helped him complete his project. "I started with fame and appearance when people started asking: Who is the cat man in Aleppo? "They were able to communicate my voice to the outside world and report on my work." Alaa created a page on Facebook called "Gattaro D'aleppo" with 70,000 friends through which he could reach the world. "After I got to know many of the people who came to support me, they asked me to set up a cat shelter called the Ernesto House for the name of an Italian cat who died of cancer and all the cats in the streets. Aleppo city to 200 cats, through the support provided to the cat man in Syria, helped and supported the people of his area by establishing water wells for people, and providing support to schools for people with special needs. The reason for the designation of this name is that of Alessandra Al Abidine, a Lebanese woman of Italian nationality, who was able to help Alaa in many ways, in addition to sponsoring schools and helping orphans. At the beginning of the siege of Aleppo, He was able to distribute tons of basic foodstuffs from sugar, rice, burghul, margarine, and other basic necessities. "In the late 2016, when people were displaced from eastern Aleppo, Ala could only distribute cats to families leaving Aleppo," he said. "The reserve was hit by several air strikes, an ambulance was destroyed and about 40 shells were shelled." The city to the countryside, he put them in plastic baskets within each basket of three cats, and took Alaa with him in the ambulance a number of injured, and when he left his city Aleppo asked him to travel to any foreign country wants, but refused to live outside Syria. In the village of Kfar Naha in the western part of Aleppo, cats were being collected from Aleppo. In addition to the collection of homeless cats in the streets of western villages and towns, the secondary project was the establishment of a children's playground and a medical center to help And the opening of a private kindergarten free of charge as the "cat man." The support of these projects is derived from the proceeds of the reserve, in addition to the support of several schools, including schools for the disabled in the village of "Aljina" Each cat had his own house in the form of a triangle engraved by his name, A permanent veterinarian dedicated to cats, and meals within specified times served with a dish For each cat. "My foreign friends, most of them are lovers of the Syrian people, they do not care about their religion, they care that there is a man who helps animals and people in times of war and displacement." Alaa got the best figure in 2016 and the world's talk on Facebook was $ 10,000 A gift from an Italian organization for his work as a man first cat and an ambulance for humans and animals II. He continued with international painters such as Mimi, who lives in Spain, and the American painter Alberto. They painted many paintings to save people and were sold at the auction until he could buy and build a new house and a reserve for cats. "Cat man" in Syria and throughout Europe is not begging but as a trade, who wants to support and support those who help children and the poor and help protect the stray animals offers his support in a beautiful way. This project is the first of its kind in Syria, and is remarkable because it cares about cats and raising them. Date May 3, 2018

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