Agha Bozorg Mosque

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Agha Bozorgh Mosque was constructed for prayers, preaching and teaching sessions held by Molla Mahdi Naraghi II also known as Mulla Mohammad Naraqi, known famously by his title of Āghā Bozorgh (literally meaning big or great lord) given to him by the Shah himself. Molla Mahdi Naraghi II was the son of the legendary Mulla Ahmad Naraqi (also spelled sometimes as Naraghi) who was the second strongest person in Iran after the king himself, Fath-Ali Shah Qajar. Mulla Ahmad Naraqi is well known for rallying the Iranian forces against the Russian invasion of northern Iran and declaring "jihad" or "holy war" against the invading Russians. He was successfully able to reconquer the Iranian lands that the invading Russian forces had captured during that offensive.

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