Akram Ali Khan, 26

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Created by Tom Price

United Kingdom 17 Dec 2015

India Kolkata New Market Portrait West Bengal

Akram has worked here since he was 20 years old, delivering chickens to the market traders from all over Kolkata.

‘There are many people from my village who come and work here, so that’s how I learnt about this place.’

Like many others, Akram sleeps in the market, often waking at 4 AM to join the queue for those using the few toilets in the market.

‘I have a lot of friends and relatives here, we have a lot of fun. We drink here, we go out, we relax and have fun.’

‘I don’t go home, this is more of a home to me.’

‘I’m looking for a girl to marry now. If a girl proposed to me, I would say yes, immediately, whoever it is.’