New refugee camps in Kachin state as Burma army displaces 1,000s Part II

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Format mpeg4, Bitrate 1.688 mbps

Original footage shot 1920x1080 HD with Sony PWM EX 1
Refugee construction starting at :5 sec – 2:49
Recent fighting in Burma's Kachin state has created massive displacement of the civilian population following the government forces' breaking a 17-year cease-fire agreement with the ethnic state.

More than 20,000 people have been displaced in Burma's Kachin state as the government troops continue to build up forces in the ethnic – controlled areas near key dam construction sites.

Outside the capital of the ethnic – army controlled city of Laiza, more than 500 bamboo huts have been erected for the fleeing families, along with a make-shift school and a health clinic to treat the growing cases of sicknesses such as dysentery and eye infections.

A food supply tent - mostly stocked by local donations made by church and local NGOs - is running low on supplies.

International aid has been cut off by Burmese government and refugees attempting to flee across the border into China have largely been pushed back by Chinese security forces.

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