Rare Exclusive Footage Shot Secretly in Burma's Kachin State Part III

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Created by newzgathering

04 Oct 2011

Stock Footage Burma

Format mpeg4, Bitrate 1.599 mbps

Original footage 1920x1080 Sony PMW EX1 camera, central Kachin state, Burma
Conflict in Kachin state (Burma)
In a landmark decision, the new Burma government has temporarily halted construction of the Myitsone Dam in Burma's Kachin state, (Sept 20/2011) as a result of condemnation of the proposed environmental disaster, both from within the country as well as critics abroad.
Recent fighting between the ethnic Kachin Independent Army (KIA) and Myanmar forces at key dam sites has resulted in massive displacement of the general population.
More than 30,000 people have been displaced in Kachin and Shan state as the government troops continue to build up forces in the ethnic – controlled areas.
The country's second largest ethnic army has been on hight alert guarding their front lines following attacks by Myanmar troops - beginning June 9th – that effectively broke a tenuous 17 - year cease-fire agreement.
International aid has been cut off by Burmese government and refugees fleeing the fighting have been refused safe haven, across the border into China.

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