George Nickels Trafficked into Slavery 13

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Created by George Nickels

Cambodia 19 Feb 2017


Mr. Bot Loum, 40, A former rice farmer that spent six years onboard a Thai fishing vessel. “I was approached by a man in my village who said that he had would be able to secure work for me in Thailand. The money that I could possibly earn was a lot better than I was making in Cambodia so I decided to leave illegally to Thailand and eventually worked as a fisherman in Indonesian waters.
The opportunity arose for me to work on a boat that supplied the other fishing vessels deep out to sea with oil and fuel, and that’s what I did, but after one month the boat was seized by the Indonesian police and I was arrested for selling fuel illegally in Indonesian waters. I was made to work in an Indonesian port for one month before being taken to court and being sentenced to 15 months in prison. I was given medicine by the guards, at first I refused to take it but after being severely beaten on a regular basis I gave in and done as the guards asked. I was manacled hand and foot for the entire duration of my imprisonment and now my head feels confused and I have lost my memory due to the drugs that I was forced to take.
Near the end of my sentence I was visited by the Thai captain who I worked for previously, he helped me contact my embassy and ultimately secured my release. I am now unemployed and my family provide for me. Due to the sickness in my mind I have to take medication everyday to try and help me. I do not know what the future holds.” Poung Rou Village, Srey Snom District, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia.