Libya IS Hostages


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Pro-Government forces in Sirte liberated a number of women and their children from Islamic State captivity, the women abductees were treated as sex slaves by IS militants and were brutally captured, abused, and raped.

The women are of African nationalities, three from Nigeria and the other 11 from Eritrea.

After freeing the women, the pro-government forces brought them back to Misrata city and were handed over to the Libyan military intelligence and were kept in a safe house in the outskirts of Misrata city.

These women have been staying with their husbands who work and live in the city.

One Nigerian woman spoke about how terrified they were after receiving information about the IS militants entering Sirte where they live.

The woman talked about the moment the IS militants came to her house, they took her husband away , she was pregnant at the time shortly after that, IS militants took her and all other women to another place, these women have been beaten, abused, raped and treated as sex slaves ever since.

The IS militants told those poor women to forget about their husbands, and told them that they are to be shared with other men, or face death if refused to do so.

This miserable life had been going on with no hope of escape or any sign of relief for months, until the day they heard the Libyan forces outside their prison telling them that they are coming for their rescue after taking their prisoners down.

After going through all these devastating times, now these women are in a safe house in the outskirts of Misrata.

The Libyan forces were able to free 24 foreign captives in the 600 Buildings area in the last few days.

Libyan forces are now battling for control of the Giza neighborhood, which would pave the way for the control of the coastal district of and the declaration of victory over IS in Sirte.

The pro-government forces are fighting on two fronts - the southern axis and the eastern axis - but they have now managed to surround IS militants, who are occupying a gradually shrinking residential area of the town.

Sirte has seen intense fighting in the last few months between government forces and IS group fighters, who gained a foothold in the country following the power struggle and security vacuum left in the wake of the downfall of Moammar Gadhafi's regime in 2011.


  1. Pan of freed women and children sitting together
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  1. soundbite (English/Arabic)
    Aziza from Nigeria , Freed Female Captive: I live here (Sirte, Libya) I use to work in cleaning, but then we heard that Daesh (Islamic State) are coming for Sirte, after that Daesh members came to my house and arrested me and my husband, they took me to prison and took my husband away.
  2. soundbite (English/Arabic)
    Aziza from Nigeria , Freed Female Captive: They use to beat us and called us Kofar (unbelievers) then they stated to teach us Quran, and we had to convert to Islam, and then started to give us to men, and they after that they beat us again and treat us very bad.
  3. soundbite (English/Arabic)
    Aziza from Nigeria , Freed Female Captive: Thank God today all of them (IS militants) are dead, me and my sister we managed to escape through a window to reach the soldiers (Libyan pro-government forces), the soldiers told us to calm down and not to worry and that they will not kill us, and the soldiers gave us food and water, and then they brought us here.