TRACK AND FIELD ATHLETES: The Everlasting Battle

4 more in collection WILL TO WIN: Lithuanian Paralympians before Rio De Janeiro

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Four different stories of four different people. Paralympians Ramunė Adomaitienė, Mindaugas Bilius, Jonas Spudis and Kęstutis Skučas have more in common than only Lithuanian names and participant accreditations for the Rio 2016 games.
All of these athletes had to overcome a big trauma and begin a new different life in a new different body. Now they all compete successfully in the international arena, have many medals and records. However, usually their competition does not end at the stadium.

Life, as well as individual sport, requires an individual battle. After winning against stereotypes, fears and their own bodies, Ramunė, Mindaugas, Jonas and Kęstutis could probably calm down and enjoy their triumph. However, they are figthers and they do know that victory can be saved in the one possible way – if your work today is harder than it was yesterday.

This video complements four other videos featuring Lithuanian Paralympians, alongside eight long-form articles with accompanying still photos. The full multi-media story can be found here at Password: nanookwilltowin.