Estella: the Unique Mallorcan Sheepdog

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Format mpeg4, Bitrate 14.348 mbps

‘Estella’ is a very cinematic and intimate four-minute piece. Estella is a very special sheep dog, a Ca de Bestiar, a breed unique to Mallorca. In this slice of rural life, we see her work with Miquel, a shepherd, as the twilight hour approaches on this Mediterranean island.

*English subtitled version:


  1. 00:01 Close up on Estella panting, waiting
  2. 00:09 Medium close up on Estella as Miquel walks past, she gets up
  3. 00:13 Wide shot of Miquel walking followed by sheep and Estella
  4. 01:03 Wide shot of sheep running in field
  5. 01:10 Estella jumps over a fence
  6. 01:14 Medium shot of sheep walking in a field next to the fence, the sun sets in the background
  7. 01:21 Medium shot of Estella in background with sheep running in foreground
  8. 01:25 Close up on Miquel's face
  9. 01:30 Close up on Miquel's hand
  10. 01:35 Medium shot on Estella in the grass
  11. 01:39 Medium shot of Estella in the background with sheep in foreground
  12. 01:45 Wide shot of Miquel walking in front of sunset
  13. 01:47 Medium shot, pans left to right, of sheep in foreground and Estella in background
  14. 02:06 Medium long shot of Miquel in foreground, sheep in mid-ground and mountains in background
  15. 02:22 Medium shot on Miquel shouting instructions to Estella
  16. 02:29 Wide shot of Miquel instructing Estella
  17. 02:36 Medium shot of sheep moving in foreground
  18. 02:50 Medium shot of Estella in foreground with Miquel and sheep in background
  19. 03:19 Medium close up on Miquel as the sun sets in the background
  20. 03:24 Wide shot of Miquel leading the sheep back home
  21. 03:50 Wide shot of sheep returning home walking across a road


  1. soundbite (Catalan)
    Miquel Adrover, Shepherd: 00:02 I’m Miquel Adrover, from Es Cau. I’m a shepherd and this is Estella, a Mallorcan Ca de Bestiar.
  2. soundbite (Catalan)
    Miquel Adrover, Shepherd: 00:19 I wake up around 6.30 and the first thing I do is have a glass of chocolate milk and a few tablets because I’ve got a dodgy heart. Before I know it, it’s 7.30 and then after feeding the sheep I head off to check in on the pregnant ones.
  3. soundbite (Catalan)
    Miquel Adrover, Shepherd: 00:34 I put on my boots and head out with a dog that I trust. Usually I take Estella, the Ca de Bestiar, because I think that they're better than a Border Collie as a sheep dog.
  4. soundbite (Catalan)
    Miquel Adrover, Shepherd: 00:48 They work in a different way. They don’t spring up and down as much as a Border Collie. The sheep won’t confront a Ca de Bestiar. With a Border Collie, they often do.
  5. soundbite (Catalan)
    Miquel Adrover, Shepherd: 01:36 There’s a lot of work to be done with a Ca de Bestiar, to get them to become working dogs and many circumstances that aren’t the fault of the dog. There are many factors against them.
  6. soundbite (Catalan)
    Miquel Adrover, Shepherd: 01:49 There are Border Collies that are very easy to train. Some even say that some of them are born trained. This isn’t true but it’s certain that there are dogs that are bred for herding and of course, for a long time they’ve carried this gene and it shows. This is what they should’ve done with the Ca de Bestiar.
  7. soundbite (Catalan)
    Miquel Adrover, Shepherd: 02:25 I feel guilty that the breed won’t last as a sheep dog, but if you want to compete, if you want to sign up for certain competitions, you can’t do that with a Ca de Bestiar.
  8. soundbite (Catalan)
    Miquel Adrover, Shepherd: 02:37 And it’s a matter of selection. Mainly selection and training. You have to change the way of training. There’s lots of work to do. Lots.
  9. soundbite (Catalan)
    Miquel Adrover, Shepherd: 02:54 But here on Mallorca there are only a few people that know how to manage dogs. Very few. There’s not a big sheep dog culture here.
  10. soundbite (Catalan)
    Miquel Adrover, Shepherd: 03:07 I know people who’ve had sheep all their lives and they don’t know how to handle a dog.
  11. soundbite (Catalan)
    Miquel Adrover, Shepherd: 03:12 A dog is a tool. A very good and handy working tool. If anyone asked me if I wanted to swap a dog for a person, I wouldn’t do it.
  12. soundbite (Catalan)
    Miquel Adrover, Shepherd: 03:29 If I were told you have to have 600 sheep, which I what I have, without a dog and we’ll pay for someone, whomever you want, I’d say thank you very much. I’m not interested. It’s not possible anyway. I move around 300 sheep and I don’t get out of my truck. I really am inside the truck. This is priceless.