Armed Israeli Settlers Demonstrate in Itimar

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Settlers of Itimar protest against Palestinian statehood

On March 11th 2011 two young Palestinians snuck into the Israeli settlement of Itimar (in the West Bank) near Nablus and massacred a Jewish Israeli family as they slept; this atrocious act initiated a ripple of settler violence that rapidly spread across the West Bank. Now months later, and in light of Palestine’s UN statehood bid – which will take place later this week –, the settlers of Itimar have decided to make a statement of their own.

On September 20, 2011 the residents of Itimar gathered at the Fogel residence (family who was murdered) and after a speach by the mayor, began marching toward Nablus. The heavily armed group of settlers marched enthusiastically through the settlement, out of the iron security gate, and down the long monotonous road toward Nablus. IDF forces stopped the demonstrators before they were able to enter Nablus.