Libyan Troops Liberate Benghazi's al-Laythi District

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The Libyan Army commanded by General Khalifa Haftar and loyal militias retake ground in the al-Laythi area of central Benghazi. The Libyan troops have forced ISIS fighters to retreat and leave their positions in the area after fierce battles.

The video also shows civilians of al-Laythi celebrating in the streets, carrying signs with pictures of the Libyan Army commander General Haftar.


  1. 00:00 Various shots of Libyan Army artillery and soldiers in clashes with ISIS
  2. 01:07 Libyan Army warplane
  3. 01:14 Various shots of Libyan Army soldiers roving the streets and celebrating
  4. 01:46 Citizen: “We have been away from our homes it’s been two years.. Thank God you gave us back our dignity”
  5. 01:52 Various shots of Libyan Army soldiers celebrating the liberation of al-Laythi
  6. 02:06 Various shots of citizens of al-Laythi celebrating the liberation of their hometown
  7. 02:49 Citizen: “I don’t know what to tell you.. Today the joy is everywhere in Benghazi. From here we salute Tripoli and Sirt."