Libyan Troops Capture ISIS Prison in Benghazi

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February 27, 2016
Benghazi, Libya

Libyan Army troops commanded by General Khalifa Haftar, based in Benghazi, overran an Islamic State base in the southern outskirts of the city on February 27 and say they found evidence that ISIS had stored the dead bodies of Libyan soldiers in refrigerators.

The base was located on a farm called Mazraat Abu Bakr Youness, named after a high ranking Libyan officer who had formerly owned the property.

The troops say that ISIS used the farm as a prison and had built cells to hold its prisoners. They found overturned refrigerators with what appeared to be bloodstains inside. An officer said the refrigerators were used to store bodies but the bodies were removed before ISIS fighters fled the base.
Arabic writing on one refrigerator said “Do not touch… Whoever who touches this refrigerator will not be forgiven"


00:00 Various shots of Libyan troops inside the Mazraat Abu Bakr Youness (what used to be an ISIS stronghold)

00:16 Refrigerator with Arabic writings: “Do not touch… Whoever who touches this refrigerator will not be forgiven”

00:28 Various shots of refrigerators with blood inside

01:17 Various shots of Libyan troops inside ISIS base and cells
01:23 Libyan Army soldier: “See, here are the cells where they used to put prisoners.”
02:00 Libyan Army soldier: “Here is the Solitary confinement.”

02:18 Libyan Army soldier holds a paper (ISIS left behind): “We swear to God the USA will not live in peace until we live in peace for real in Palestine”.

02:32 Libyan Army soldier pointing to a drawing of the wall: “This could be their presumed territory map”.

03:00 Cameraman: “Can you tell us where are we now?”
03:04 Libyan Army soldiers: “We are here in what used to be the Abu Bakr Youness farm”.