Aleppo Burial

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This video shows Free Syrian Army fighters preparing a grave to bury the body of a young Kurdish fighter, believed to be a member of the PYD, killed during a battle in a northern area of Aleppo, Syria. It is claimed in some reports that the PYD (Democratic Union Party) is affiliated with the Kurdish PKK in Turkey. The FSA accuses the PYD and PKK of collaborating with the government of Bashar al-Assad. The contributor who shot the video says the FSA also claims the Kurdish militia group is using child soldiers. The Assad regime has in the past admitted to providing support to the PYD.


  1. soundbite (Arabic)
    Free Syrian Army Fighter: 00:00 -- This is the Dollar army (meaning that they fight for money), who sold their country and honor for money. Just for money they sold their dignity and land. They are unblessed, and this is the destiny of every person who wants to sell this country. This will be his destiny. Every traitor will face this destiny. This is a lesson to everyone. As-salam aleikom.
  2. soundbite (Arabic)
    Free Syrian Army Fighter: 00:26 -- My name is Abu Aziz from Sultan Murad, the brigade of Abu Sobhi. We captured some of them alive and this is one of their dead. We captured them in Bustan al-Basha, after they coordinated with the regime to come and fight by their side, but the victory was in our hand thanks be to God. They will not be able to defy what is right, and we are right God willing, and God is by our side. If they have Bashar and Putin and Iran and Khamenei the dog, we have God. We have God (he says it twice). No God but God and his messenger is Muhamed. (La ilah ella Allah Muhamad Rasoul Allah).
  3. soundbite (Arabic)
    Free Syrian Army Fighter: 1:29 -- After all we still believe that we should be better then them. We believe that we should honor the dead by burying him, although he is a traitor. Our religion doesn’t allow us to discard or burn his body as the Christians and Jews did…
  4. soundbite (Arabic)
    Kurdish FSA Fighter: 01:43 -- I am Kurdish. Because I am with these Mujahidin, they (the PYD) put me in jail (in a solo cell) for 64 days where I could see no one. They used to pass me scraps of food through a small window in the cell, just because I fight with the Free Syrian Army. They (the PYD) they say that we are forced to do this, but its not true. They are liars. They know what they are doing, and they deserve this (death). First, I am Kurdish and I know about everything. The PKK party works for the regime and nowadays fighting the PKK is more important than fighting the regime and ISIS because they are Kuffar - they belong to Israel. The PKK are Israelis. They are traitors. We tried to tell him (the dead) to surrender and that he would be safe, but he insisted on cursing us.