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Hardi (left), a 30 year-old Kurd from Iraq, sits with another Kurd from Iraq, Hemem, (right) while he talks on the phone with his family. Ten years ago he escaped to Europe.

"€œI can't go back to my country," Hardi said. "They will kill me."

This is the only thing that he said about his past. At first he went to Sweden, then Finland, but his asylum requests were denied in both countries.

"€œIn 2008, my wife and my two children came to Denmark. We spent one year waiting, but the government decided to deport us to Iraq."

Hardi stayed in Baghdad not more than two weeks before then he was obliged to leave his family and to fee again.

"€œI went to Iran, then Turkey, and after a dangerous journey I arrived in England€."

Great Britain also rejected him, and he spent two years in England living on the street with no news of his family. Now he is back in Denmark. He has done three interviews and went to court to plead for asylum. The verdict was that he is not sure to stay in Denmark, but that he also can't go back to Iraq because his life is in danger.