Nigeria: Witnesses Describe Village Attack 2

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At the moment when the world is focusing its attention on reporting on Boko Haram atrocities, the Nigerian army in its bid to fight insurgency on its soil was accused of committing human right abuses.

Amnesty International has report evidence of human right abuses perpetrated by the Nigerian Army in the North Eastern part of Nigeria with proof based on dozens of military documents, interviews with victims and eyewitnesses.

In this video, witnesses of an attack on Heipang a small village near Jos, tell their stories, and speak out against the perpetrators of the attacks.


  1. soundbite (Hasa, 00:03 – 02:20)
    Solomon Davou , Farmer, his wife Abishak Solomon, a potato seller who was shot by soldiers as she ran into a shop for protection, she died with a 7 month old baby on her back. She left three children.: 00:03 > On the 17th of June last month, my wife and I prepared to go to the farm; I left her behind to finish house chores before joining me later. 00:20> As I was working in my farm, I received a call that soldiers have entered our village shooting sporadically saying I should come back home. 00:33> I came back home, when I reached home I saw lots of people gathered by the road side. 00:40> I went closer to see why they were gathered and I saw my wife’s corpse on the ground. 00:48> I look up and saw lots of soldiers, some of them were wearing mask on their faces. 00:52> I fell to the ground and faint, I worked up later in the hospital. 01:00> I asked what happened and I was told that soldiers came that morning to mount road block in the village. 01:08> And I ask what has that got to do with shooting my wife and I was told that women were protesting the army mounting road block and the soldiers started shooting at them. 01:18> The pursue her into a shop with a child on her back, shot and killed her, she had a seven month old baby on her back but they still hilled her just like that. 01:34> I reported the matter to the Police in the nearest town of Barkin ladi, we gave a statement about what happened. 01:43> I demanded to see my wife’s corpse because since it happened I was not allowed to see her body, they told me that they have moved her body to the mortuary at the Plateau Hospital in Jos. 01:56> I want to bury my wife but they told me that investigation is ongoing. I should be patient. 02:08> I am patient, I am now fully taking care of my children, I can’t go out to look for work to feed them. 02:14> This is the third week, I can’t go out to look for work, no wife I am now responsible for taking care of my children.
  2. soundbite (English, 02: 22 – 04:13)
    Bitrus Pam, Community youth leader, Heipang Village:
  3. soundbite (English, 04:14 – 07:26 )
    Bitrus Dauda, A civil servant, his wife was shot in the back as she ran away from the soldiers, she left behind five children: