Nigeria: Witnesses Describe Village Attack 1

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At the moment when the world is focusing its attention on reporting on Boko Haram atrocities, the Nigerian army in its bid to fight insurgency on its soil was accused of committing human right abuses.

Amnesty International has report evidence of human right abuses perpetrated by the Nigerian Army in the North Eastern part of Nigeria with proof based on dozens of military documents, interviews with victims and eyewitnesses.

In this video, witnesses of an attack on Foron, a small village near Jos, tell their stories, and speak out against the perpetrators of the attacks.


  1. soundbite (Hasa, 02:10 – 03:22)
    Rev Daniel Nyam , Retiree: Soldiers breaks into his house destroyed his properties and killed his birds, without explanation. His interview was translated into English on tape from 02:45 - 03:22
  2. soundbite (English, 03:23 - 05:25)
    Rwang Gyang , Eyewitness:
  3. soundbite (English, 05:26 – 06:02)
    Shut Tsok , Eyewitness:
  4. soundbite (English, 06:36 – 06:55)
    Tsok Gyang, Eyewitness, his brother was killed:
  5. soundbite (English, 08:22 – 09:37)
    Mark Pam Bot , Youth leader, from nearby Bisichi village: