Chechen Fighters in Ukraine 11

11 more in collection "War is Our Way of Life": Chechens Join the Battle in Ukraine

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Chechen soldiers from the Sheikh Mansur battalion have come to Ukraine to fight against pro-Russian separatists alongside Ukrainian forces. They said that Putin is their enemy and that he destroyed their Motherland. As their relatives are still in Chechnya, they hid their faces and asked not to be named.


  1. soundbite (Russian)
    Chechen fighter: 00.00-00.17 : War is our way of life, we are steeped in blood. Our ancestors fought for independence, for freedom; and now it is reflected in us.
  2. soundbite (Russian)
    Chechen fighter: 00.19-00.48 : Of course we do not want it. We wanted to live in peace. For us, the war will end only once when Russia leaves us alone. It was not us who attacked first. They attacked us. We can live absolutely freely and maintain our state of Ichkeria without them, without their support.
  3. soundbite (Russian)
    Chechen fighter: 00.50-01.06 : Their dirty customs and traditions – they are not for us. We have our own mentality, customs, traditions, our own culture, which we never change. We will never give up with God's help. Allah Аkber!